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A woman is a perfect hand work of God in molding, modeling, admiration, beautification, adoration wisdom etc.

Women love Jesus without reservation, and he blesses and favours them. Everything about women is perfectly organized, especially in their cycling days, popularly called menstruation.

It is the process of shedding off the endometrial living in form of bleeding. The cyclical change in women takes a period of 28 days to complete. The hormones like estrogen, progesterone, follicle etc controls the menstrual flow monthly.

As a woman of wisdom, this period should not take you unawares, to avoid embarrassment from people. Therefore there is every need for you to comport and be yourself.

During your menstrual flow, you are still expected to carry out your daily activities without problems despite the slight headache, pains and stress, though it varies in women.

However before you could pass through this natural course, you need endurance, patience and acceptance. You also need good food, especially nourishing diets, which are rich in vitamin A, folic acid and iron in order to build up again.

Ensure regular bathing at least two to three times a day with disinfectants and mild soap. Pay particular attention to the genitals. Avoid medicated soap as they may endanger the flora of the genital areas.

Maintain clean environment and under wears. Avoid the use of rags and tissues papers, for they can predispose you to infections. They are unhygienic.

Maintain the use of sanitary pads. It is hygienic and comfortable. Please change it regularly. Embark on exercise even if it is trekking. It will help your muscles;

The body system needs to function well. So sleep, rest and relax. This will help circulations to the systems and organs flow freely.

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