The Flow Of The Spirit Of Life. Text: Romans 8 v1-2

There are numerous differences between a true believer and an unbeliever. Our text reveals that a believer is possessed by a different Spirit, and is living under a different law. Every believer in Christ is connected to the law of the Spirit of life, which has immunized him from the operation of the spirit of death.

The law of sin and death began its operation when man sinned at the Garden of Eden. It is the law that brought man under subjection to demons, curses, sicknesses, suffering, and death. Every human being is born and raised under this law, until he or she gets connected to Jesus through salvation.

The moment a person becomes born-again, he is freed from the old law and initiated into the operation of a new law. The bible says, “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus” Romans 8v1a.

Child of God your present life is different from your past life. The things that conquered you in the past are not permitted to conquer you now. The forces that bewitched and oppressed you in the past cannot do it now. The powers of darkness that killed your father, mother, and other relations have no power to destroy your life.

The reason is that the Spirit of life now possesses you. There is a fountain of life flowing out of you, so what devoured others should not devour you. The bible declares that Jesus Christ who is the second Adam is a quickening or life-giving Spirit (1 Cor. 15 v 45).

If Jesus the life-giving Spirit is reigning in your life, you have no business with premature death. You are now possessed by a different Spirit, so you must not panic when you see the Spirit of death devouring people around you. The Spirit of life in you has already conquered death, diseases and demons. He has purchased a new life for you, which is free from all satanic harassments.

As a carrier of the Spirit of life, refuse to allow the devil to condemn you. Refuse to allow any sickness to condemn your body. Refuse to allow any witch or wizard to exercise dominion over your destiny. You are the person to be in-charge in all areas of your life. The Spirit of life is like an ocean of fire inside your body. By means of that fire you can easily devour all the weapons and activities of the devil.

By the operation of the Spirit of life, you have prevailed over the voices of ancestral spirits, evil neighbours, and all messengers of the devil. The voices that were speaking against your marriage, family, business or destiny have been eternally subdued. All the misfortunes that the law of sin and death brought into your life has been bound and rolled away.

The Spirit of life has made you red-hot. You are now on the red-hot dimension, which is the dimension of faith (Heb. 11:32-34). You will quench the violence of fire, and escape the sword of your enemies. Out of your former weaknesses you will become a person of strength. The Lord will make you strong to triumph over all your adversaries.

The law of the Spirit of life says that you will never be thirsty in the world. He will go before you and make ways where there is no way. Rejoice oh child of God because the Spirit of life is at work in your life, and no power can stop you from becoming what God has purposed for you. Hallelujah.

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