This month dish is Edikang Ikong. A ceremonial soup for Ibibio people


This month dish is Edikang Ikong. A ceremonial soup for Ibibio people:


*Vegetable: Pumpkin and waterleaf  *Fish (dry) *Meat *Stockfish *Crayfish *Fresh pepper with flavour

*Onions *One bottle of palm oil *Salt *Maggi cube


STEP 1: sauce

First, make the sauce for the soup. Sauce is the residual liquid collected from per boiled meat, fish etc.

STEP 2: To make the sauce

Boil the stockfish, meat and fish together. Put small quantity of water; add some slices of onions and ½ of the total quantities of pepper and maggi cube to be used.

REMARK:  Ediikang Ikong soup is a thick waterless soup.

STEP 3: preparation of waterleaf

Waterleaf has large quantity of water that needs to be reduced in order not to make the soup watery. There are two options for the preparation. Take one of the options.


Wash the waterleaf well and squeeze to drain off the liquid as much as possible.


Pour one bottle of palm oil in a dry pot and place on fire for about 3 minutes. Add the waterleaf and slices of onions. Steam together for about 5-8 minutes.

Step 4:

Put the prepared sauce into the prepared waterleaf. Add crayfish and maggi. Allow cooking for about 10 minutes. Add Pumkin, onions and the remaining quantity of the pepper.  This last addition of pepper is to give the soup a peppery flavour.

Allow cooking for about 3-5 minutes. Your Edikang Iknog Soup is ready.


Delicious Edikang Ikong Soup is highly selective in ingredients.

Pumpkin should be the greenish and soft type. A type harvested from a very fertile land. Waterleaf should be the type with tiny leaves. Fish should be a very dry one, preferably Inangha. Fresh pepper should be the one with flavour, very very   important.

-Courtesy of Iniobong Udoh (Mrs.)

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