A Vision from REV DR. JEFF OPARA

Like the prophets, Elisha and Amos, Dr. Jeff Opara was busy pursuing the attainment of the apogee of his profession, accounting, when the Lord threw on him the mantle of ministry. Immediately he consulted not with flesh and blood; but was absolutely obedient to the heavenly vision.


In pursuance of this mandate or commission, Dr. Jeff Opara came up with an authentic heavenly vision to strategically fulfill his destiny.

[i] The Prayer Tower: This is an organized prayer setting, or programme that will run for 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year: a non-stop prayer programme for people from all races, nations, country, culture and discipline. That means a multi-racial, multi-lingual, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural praying centre. It is a place where people of various needs come to pray through. It is also a rescuing centre, and a city of refuge for many.
[ii] Outreach Fellowship Centres, which cut across different denominational barriers where the spiritual needs of the people, are consistently attended to. This gave birth to such programmes as:

Healing and Deliverance Services

Signs & Wonders Meetings and

The 3 Nights of Miracles.

[iii] The Training Centres:  This is to ensure spiritual and mental empowerment that will release the people into their destinies in life, and become relevant in their generations.  This of course saw the birthing of the School of the Prophets, which offers full theology, and practical Ministry Training; the School of success, language school and others.

[iv] The Educational Institution: To catch them young for the Master, Jesus: and to preserve our posterity by developing them spiritually and mentally. To grow them in knowledge and fear of God. This gave rise to the Revival Flame Academy: Nursery, primary and Secondary.

[v] The Apostles Of Freedom For Africa is a programme designed to raise men and women who will affect and change the leadership culture and structure in Africa.

[vi] The Economic Empowerment Project is a special empowerment programme specifically directed to chase poverty away, and command economic turn-around in the land.

[vii] Health care Delivery:  This provides health care services for all classes of people through missionary hospitals and dispensary.

This articulate vision of Dr Jeff Opara reveals a lot to us. You are either called to build with him, or you are sent by the devil to scatter that which is being built. We must join hands together to build the city of the Lord. Send your Cash and kind offerings now. The Ministry requires a lot of money for the accomplishment of all these visions. The Revival Flame Village must be built. So if you can let the Lord have your land, as much as 150 acres, don’t hesitate to see the president, Dr. Jeff Opara. Remain Blessed.

We’re More Than Just A Ministry!

Every ministry is unique in its making.  Revival Flame Ministry is a ministry among Ministries.  In other words, it is a ministry that stands out among other ministries.  The mission and vision of this ministry attest to the fact that it stands out among other ministries.

An encounter with the President of this ministry, Dr. Jeff Opara who has been sent to provoke change will further buttress the truth that Revival Flame has arrived.  He has been commissioned to set free all those who in one way or the other have been held captives by the evil one through his powerful deliverance ministrations and prayers.  This is the cardinal Commission of this great man of God.  He has also developed a training programme intended to equip men to become relevant to their environment and actualize their potentials.

To realize this commission and reach out to all concerned, the president came up with a vision of accomplishing his mission. Prominent in the vision amongst others include the Prayer Tower, the Outreach Fellowship Centres, the Training Centres and the Educational Institutions, the Apostles of Freedom for Africa, the Economic Empowerment Project and the Health Care Delivery System.

Beneficiaries of some of these programmes and projects have testified to the tremendous impact they have made in their lives.  What else do you expect from the vision of this ministry through Dr. Jeff Opara who personally has had encounters with He who sent him.  He does not only preach Jesus Christ crucified but also manifests this power of Jesus in his deliverance prayers and ministrations.  You need to be part of this ministry and see things for yourself.  We are forging ahead to conquer the world. So whatever may be your problem irrespective of the period it has lasted, as soon as you come to the Revival Flame Ministries, you’ve come to the final bus stop. No problem can stand before the one who sent Dr. Jeff Opara.