Flame Care Foundation


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We are a non-governmental charitable Christian Care organization established in Nigeria over a decade ago. However, we are incorporated in 2012 in Nigeria under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1, 1990, Part C as a non-profit making and non-racial compassionate agency for the minimization of poverty, misery and violence to create a happy and peaceful society, and safe environment for all people in respective of tribe, tongue, colour and religion.

We are the integral resourceful Help Ministry of REVIVAL FLAME MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL located in Aba, South-East Nigeria, which Dr. Jeff Opara and the amiable wife, Pastor Mrs. Julian Opara are the Chaperon.

Our activities are not veiled because individuals, families and rural communities are direct beneficiaries of our purpose driven spiritual, social and medical outreaches to the poor, widows, orphans, the sick and prisoners.


Building a compassionate society dominated by the Love of God where misery, poverty and violence are minimized or totally absent.


Our mission is to LIFT the downtrodden, ENCOURAGE the discouraged and CREATE opportunity for the pursuit of dignity, happiness and prosperity for all people (particularly Nigerians and Africans), irrespective of religious affiliation thereby manifesting the love of God.


SOCIAL OUTREACHES & EDUCATION : We engage in Social Outreaches to the Poor, the Widows, the Orphans, the Sick and the Prisoners in various communities in Nigeria presently but will extend to other African Nations.

FIGHTING POVERTY, HUNGER & ILLITERACY : We commit ourselves to solving the problems of poverty, illiteracy, and deprivation in Nigeria.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION & PEACE ADVOCACY: We get deeply involved in solving the problems of violent conflict, which threatens the quality of life, peace and security in our communities.

SUPPORTS WIDOWS & SINGLE MOTHERS: We provide the much need support to the widows and single parents through counseling and pragmatic empowerment to make them enviable rather than liabilities in the society.

SPORTS & YOUTH DEVELOPMENT : We combine physical training (Sports) with moral education by using sporting activities to target young people, to circumvent crime and violence driven life.

MEDICAL OUTREACH TO IMPROVE PEOPLE’S HEALTH : We organize periodic Medical Outreach and Services through the deployment of doctors and nurses to rural areas especially those areas without health centers or hospitals to attend to the sick and wounded.

MINISTERING TO PRISONERS : We protect and defend the rights of prisoners, and care for their welfare and living conditions by providing materials and emotional support.We also ensure their reintegration and rehabilitation into the society after being released from the prison.



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STRATEGIC YOUTH SEMINARS & WORKSHOPS : We embark on series of workshops, seminars, advocacy campaigns and holiday camps for young persons to transmit the much-needed truth that will re-orient and reorder their thinking, views of life, and values; and guarantee mental, social, political, economic and spiritual enhancement and character formation essential for active participation in community leadership and governance.