Every ministry is not only unique in its setting, but has elaborate mission with precision. The Revival Flame Ministries is such a ministry with precision, and highly structured mission. In other words it is a ministry that stands out from others. An encounter with the founding president, Dr. Jeff Opara who is called to provoke change will further buttress the undeniable truth that this ministry is indeed distinctive.

Succinctly, Revival Flame Ministries is a ministry with the mandate to setting frees all lawful and unlawful captives everywhere in the world through powerful deliverance ministrations, prayers and the sound eternal word of God. The ministry is also vital and famous in exposing the mysteries of witchcraft, and the agenda of witches. This is ingeniously the cardinal commission of God’s servant, Dr. Jeff Opara who is at the head of this flaming ministry.

Prominent among the regular meetings of the RFMI are the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE tagged 3 NIGHTS OF MIRACLE, SIGNS AND WONDERS. It’s usually from EVERY LAST SUNDAY OF THE MONTH TO TUESDAY. This meeting attracts very many people from various nations and tribes. It’s an all-night meeting for 3 consecutive days, from 9pm till dawn. In addition the ministry has a weekly fellowship at the headquarter in Aba, Nigeria EVERY THURSDAY where well over 8,000 men and woman gather from 9am till 5pm. It’s usually a power soaked meeting, which participants hardly leave the premises even some hours after the meeting. Also EVERY MONDAY at the headquarter site is a HEALING AND DELIVERANCE SERVICE, which has tremendous impact in the lives of the participants. Many miracles and testimonies accompany the Revival Flame Ministries as many beneficiaries testified.

For instance, during one of the prayer meetings in the ministry, a young man who was hysteric and restless vomited a life lizard and subsequently became calm. Also some members of a notorious armed robbery gang came to one of the fellowship meetings and gave their lives to Jesus Christ. Their leader who was under spell and was passing out animal hairs in his urine was immediately healed.

More so, a woman vomited long human hairs and an egg-like object during one of the deliverance meetings while a blood soaked spider came out of a woman’s body who was HIV positive, and was consequently healed, and tested HIV negative thereafter.

Scores of childless couples have been blessed with the fruit of the womb and of special note is a woman who had been childless for eighteen years but gave birth to twins.

Many mentally deranged people have been healed, and other countless people under demonic attack have been set free. People with diseases of various types have been healed. All these are to the glory of God, and we maintain that Jesus is the Lord of Miracles.

What else do you expect from the vision of this ministry through Dr. Jeff Opara who personally had various encounters with He who sent him. He not only preach Jesus Christ crucified but also manifests the power of Jesus in his deliverance prayers and ministrations. You need to be part of this ministry and see things for yourself. We are forging ahead to conquer the world. So whatever may be your problem irrespective of the period it has lasted, as soon as you come to the Revival Flame Ministries, you’ve come to the final bus stop. No problem can stand before the one who sent Dr. Jeff Opara.